Reports Surfacing of ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

4/19/17 (before 8pm but still too late) This was reported to have happened last Sunday - the specific agent was a type of mustard gas.....deployed against Iraqi soldiers who also had US and Australian advisors present. You can search the story up separately - I don't have the time to do a full article right … Continue reading Reports Surfacing of ISIS Using Chemical Weapons

Bad and Getting Worse….

4/12/17: British Link - USA About to Bomb Damascus? "The Russian leader made the astonishing claim - that the US is planning to FAKE chemicals weapons attacks - during a joint press conference with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella." The Mirror isn't the best source in the world However the joint press conference where Putin … Continue reading Bad and Getting Worse….

This is Bad (Bombing Syria)

4/9/17 I won't have time to do this article full justice tonight. I've been happy with how the Trump administration was clearly aligning with the Syrian people in regards to their having the authority to choose their leader (currently B. Assad). I've been encouraged by the fact that this administration made statements about partnering with … Continue reading This is Bad (Bombing Syria)

Quick Hits – Military Matters

3/15/17 (before revelry) I was active duty just shy of 10 years - so I like to keep up with what's happening with our military and where they're being sent etc. I disagreed with almost all of the Bush and Obama era military actions -- and still can't explain what we were trying to do … Continue reading Quick Hits – Military Matters

Quick Hits – Speaking of Hacks

3.3.17 (just a couple of days from the anniversary of Stalin's death -- YAY!) The never ending "Russian Hack / Influenced the Election" drama is deeply disturbing to me....and for several reasons. Consider these facts and notes and PLEASE share them in your conversations OR simply **THINK ABOUT THEM** .....let's GO where the Truth leads … Continue reading Quick Hits – Speaking of Hacks

Where Might This Be Headed? Analysis of Two “Possible Paths” for the Trump Administration.

Started 1/30/17 Updated 2/1/17 Completed (with additional feeds likely as news develops) 2/3/17 Now that we're no longer tolerating out of the closet Marxists in the White House it's time to focus on what we DO have in the White House -- and how history may inform our thinking. This article addresses two basic assumptions (or "possible … Continue reading Where Might This Be Headed? Analysis of Two “Possible Paths” for the Trump Administration.

Quick Hits – Dissolve NATO?

1/23/17 (early morning' stuff) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established to provide a common defensive stance (as well as escalation protocols) for a group of Western aligned European Nations (+ The USA) early in the Cold War. The "Eastern" / Communist bloc analog was the Warsaw pact. Basically both sides were saying, "if … Continue reading Quick Hits – Dissolve NATO?