One of the primary values of this blog is the value of history.

Translating history into meaningful information that can better explain our current political climate is one of my goals.

As I’ve started writing I’m seeing two other distinct goal areas

  1. To illustrate that the American political Left has been highjacked by Marxists – and why that’s a very bad thing
  2. To encourage people to do / say something – no matter how small – that would (smartly) counter Marxist thought in our culture.

Additionally, I’ve decided to focus on a certain cadence or method of writing that’s reciting  the various bits of history that I’ve read over the past 20 or so years.

Initially one of my main goals was to be expedient in getting these ideas onto the forum.

As content us updated, I’ll be paying more attention to formatting and aesthetics etc. For now, there’s a lot of writing to be done , several books to dig through, and an outgoing + ascending President that may be the two most unique Presidents in our history.






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