Quick Hits – A Single Quote

1/19/17 (half past exhausted) Purposely avoided writing much today although a lot of thoughts and ideas went into the journal. Here's a George Orwell quote that I always found revealing  - and a little unsettling. The book is, again, "All Art is Propaganda" and the essay quoted is titled, "Politics vs Literature" "...one of the … Continue reading Quick Hits – A Single Quote

Mr Orwell Had a Friend….

1/2/17 (sometime around 0400)   Article Edited on 1/3/17 to include this source/reference to the George Orwell book, essay and reference contained below: "All Art is Propaganda - Critical Essays" / G. Orwell / Compilation Copyright 2008 / The essay that references the notion of political quietism is called "Politics and the English Language" [and … Continue reading Mr Orwell Had a Friend….