1/17/17 (later that night)

Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) had a lot to say in regards to political language, and how that informs and changes the way we think – and ultimately behave.

The book I’d recommend is called “All Art is Propaganda” and the essay that I’m currently thinking about is called “Politics and the English Language”

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Here’s one way he describes the link between the words we use – and how we think

“It [The English Language…] becomes ugly and in accurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language  makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.”

Words matter – in politics they matter enough that they’re continuously crafted into weapons.

If you are in favor of a limited government, bound by a Constitution and ultimately accountable to its people — then you are under attack as this article is being drafted.
Marxism is the word we have to learn.
Conservatives – and all the people who don’t consider themselves Conservative – but are opposed to the insanity of Marxism — HAVE TO LEARN AND START USING A FEW NEW WORDS.

This is no longer a political spat between the “Right” and the “Left”

This is an actual Revolution – and it’s been happening slowly, deliberately and TIGHTLY focused on – Capital and the means of Production.

  • When you digest what makes a Marxist

  • And when you see that their history of extermination and slavery is worse than the Nazi’s

  • You have to come to the conclusion that this Country — is under attack.

You are not a racist for resisting the Marxist political machine that uses race for class warfare purposes.

You are not a bigot for defending the Family against social engineering – let by people who ultimately want to destroy the family so we’re all EQUALLY DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT ((Read Marx’s co-author of the Communist Manifesto – F. Engels. This is one of the premier sources of thought for modern Marxists)

Start calling them what they are:

Marxists (not liberals / not “The Left”)

Start calling this what it is:

A Revolution (not a series of “protests”)

Support candidates who support the Republic

Support people who support Free and Open speech

Support the conversation you’re in tomorrow by changing your words and ultimately – changing the way you look at what’s happening around you.


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