Fascinating Quote – Aldous Huxley

4/18/17 (after – all)

I really enjoy doing the “book reviews” on this site and have noticed that those articles are getting quick views and likes from several readers. I think that’s a wonderful thing!

I have been contemplating a book review for Sybille Bedford’s biography of Aldous Huxley; as I find him to be a fascinating literary and historical figure.
I believe he’s far more influential than many realize – as were many members of his family.

Until then, I’d like to share a quote from Aldous – the quote is an excerpt from “Brave New World” and some quick feedback is listed below the quote:

“A physical shortcoming could produce a kind of mental excess. The  process, it seemed, was reversible. Mental excess could produce, for its own purposes, the voluntary blindness and deafness of deliberate solitude, the artificial impotence of asceticism.” [emphasis mine]

Aldous was stricken with a very serious eye disease that left him nearly blind. So he was well aware of how a “physical shortcoming” (like blindness) could lead to enhanced sensory abilities (i.e. “mental excess”) elsewhere.

Within the context of “Brave New World” and the control of the masses that’s being described – Mr Huxley notes that the “reverse effect” also has a tangible effect.

Overloading one’s MIND to the extent that the sensory input results in a type of mental BLINDNESS or DEAFNESS>


Think about that for a minute.

Purposely overwhelming one’s senses to the point that they become deaf and blind to the truth around them.

Surely no one took his theories seriously, right?


Whether the next book review is his biography or his final novel “Island” – I hope you tune in to check it out. I believe there’s a lot to be learned based on what this man thought and I also believe others have taken his writings / lectures / ideas and advanced them with a very specific purpose in mind.


It just…..always does!


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