Why We Need a New Name for the Far Left – and Why Marxism Fits


1/8/17 (somewhere near 11pm)

Actually this should have been the very first (or at the latest, second) article I uploaded. This is the one that should establish why I’m so worked up about the “M” term and why I am convinced it applies to many of the influential,  present-day Leftists in American politics.

This article – just like the Blog – isn’t meant to be exhaustive or even a budding dissertation on the topic. From the get-go my intent was to outline a series of articles that show the historical connection to where we are in our modern American politics. Specifically, I intended to show that the American Left – at least as a political machine – has been hijacked by the Marxists — and hopefully show you why that is a very bad thing. Here we will show you some of the origins and primary characteristics of Marxism.

Before you’re finished reading these articles I truly hope you see that Marxism is easily as dangerous as Nazism and led to many of the same unpalatable outcomes that the Nazi’s produced.

So where do we start?

When I use the term Marxist I am referring to the teachings and political systems that spawned from one Karl Marx (not Grouch, Harpo or Richard). If you’re not sure who Karl Marx is – then please go look the man up and learn a few quick things about him when you get the chance.

Quickly, I should point out that Karl Marx leaned heavily on other, primarily German & French, philosophers (Hegel being one of the primaries) and didn’t stand on his own completely. For the sake of this article I won’t be providing a full outline of his ideological ‘forefathers’.

So Marx absorbed the teachings of several like-minded men, processed their writings and the thinking through the prism of his era and asserted (among many other things) the following basic notions:

  1. As a strict materialist Marx believed there is no God, no soul, no afterlife and nothing exists past that which you can see, feel and touch. Man creates his own destiny and has only himself to answer to.
  2. History – is nothing but a series of conflicts. No significant changes occur in history without conflict driving the change.
  3. Class warfare – Marx sees the relationship between workers and business owners as being irreconcilably conflicted. The workers are exploited and the business owners are wealthy, unaccountable and have no desire to change the working/living conditions of the common worker.
  4. Social harmony could never exist as long as this exploitation is happening. Therefore class struggle – even class warfare – is NECESSARY to advance all of humanity. By the way he also taught that Socialism was only a temporary stage of development on the way to Communism. So the man who invented this stuff openly told us that Socialism was only intended to be a temporary state…..think that through.

So there are several caveats I could throw out there with those 4 basic statements. For instance, I could note that the working conditions of the early industrial revolution were poor enough that some type of systematic defense for the workers WAS needed – and quickly.

I could also note that the “Church” as it stood in many areas of Europe had a history of abusing its trust and power and certainly invited some of the criticism that Marx and others sent it way.

But my intent here is to show you the type of monstrous government that was eventually spawned by Marx’s (et al) teachings – what they did – and how our American Left is now following in their ideological footsteps.

Fast forward to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918 and ultimately the emergence of Soviet Russia. This would be the first major nation (actually a collection of nations under the USSR) to take Marxist principles and apply them to how their nation was to be run and how their future would be shaped.

So what did it look like? Surely it was a paradise for the common worker? Surely justice rained down on the corrupt business owners and other undesirables?

Again, there’s no way I can give you an extensive history of a topic as broad as “The Soviet Union” here – so let me hit on some high points.

After the smoke cleared from their Civil War the Socialists and Communists turned on one another to some extent. There were disagreements about how the future state would be run among other things. Also, there were death squads and mass killings and imprisonment for some of the same people who had marched in the street for revolution. It turns out that Communists have VERY LITTLE TOLERANCE for diverging views.

Once the street rabble had been put aside, Lenin started establishing a system of “Concentration Camps” (his exact words – and note that they were actually in place and ‘stocked’ 15 years before Hitler ever came to power SOURCE: The Gulag Archipelago – several places within the work – one is Vol 2 / Pg 537) to separate people with dangerous ideas and get some free labor from them at the same time (and for those that can be ‘fixed’ after 10-20 years — they’d be released). Stalin loved the idea so much that after he came to power be rapidly expanded the camps as well as the laws that were used to put people there.

Make no mistake about it – these camps were as bad as anything that the Nazis had in place. I contend that they were WORSE because there were far more of them, they were in place before the Nazi’s camps, they continued to exist after Hitler was long gone, and they KILLED MANY MILLIONS MORE IN THEIR CAMPS THAN THE NAZI’s DID.

This doesn’t begin to take into account the unnumbered that were simply murdered and shoved into nameless graves. Or the ones that would be taken out and sunk into a freezing lake.

And who can forget how Stalin (*spit*) starved 6 MILLION Ukrainians to death for refusing to surrender their farms to the government’s control? That happened between ~ 1936 and 1937. Stop and think about that — Stalin TIED Hitler’s monstrous record of 6 Million dead via concentration camps — and he was JUST GETTING STARTED,

I could go on and on — you really should commit yourself to reading “The Gulag Archipelago” sometime. It was an eye opener for me like none other – I’ve still not really recovered in fact.

My intent here was to quickly establish the fact that the last time the Marxists were in total control – they ran up a record of murder and systematic extermination that supposed Hitler.……so why would we want them to have another shot at controlling ANY nation on the planet if we can help it? Especially ours!!

So let’s bring it back to the topic at hand.

Marxism tells us that there’s no such thing as right or wrong

Also, conflict is the way things change – you can use conflict to bring about the change you desire to see in the world and ultimately there are no limits to what you can do!

Finally, it will take a centralized government with complete power and control to undo the injustice that was created by the Capitalists. It will take a classless society to bring about the closest thing we’ll ever see to peace on earth.


We all know that the Left has worked overtime to eradicate anything resembling Judeo-Christian thought in our schools and, where possible, in the public square. So I don’t think I need to explain how they’ve been systematically removing that traditional ‘restraint’ – but surely you’ve also noticed that they’ve simultaneously grafted in their teachings as well? Man is evolved from lower life forms, there’s no actual higher explanation for why were here, there’s ultimately no ‘absolutes’…..they’ve made it clear that all moral arguments are ultimately ‘shades of gray’

Quick note: I’m not advocating that you believe or disbelieve anything in particular. I only want you to see the alignment between the modern American Left and Marxist teaching — I may need to consider fleshing out the philosophers that Marx leaned upon to come to his “no god but man” ideology – just so you know I’m not making this up as I go ; ) 

So you see the ongoing argument for ‘no right / no wrong’ (unless of course you espouse thoughts that they believe are outmoded …. then you’ll quickly see that even the most ardent Leftist has a STRONG sense of right and wrong….ala CS Lewis)

And as for conflict?

Think about the modern American Left and the groups they use / associate with. Think about their support for groups like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, La Raza and others. Think about the type of rhetoric they use in debates – they quickly invent “The 1%” and set us against one another …. they love to dangle cloudy, never-quite-clearly-defined-terms like “Paying Their Fair Share” and “Equality for X, Y & Z”

So you replace strict ‘class conflict’ with conflict between races, college students, gay people or “transgendered” people – and suddenly they’ve opened up new fronts in the political arena.

All while pretending that they’re the only ones who care for others. Always playing the role of the victim even as they advance to attack people, groups and institutions. 

Throughout the whole process they define the terms of the debate and they have a media that’s largely complicit with their world views.


So here we have an increasingly conflict driven “Left” that advocates no real right/wrong and is often openly socialist (remember – that’s just a temporary state according to Marx — you think they  know that???). Heck, we just had a devout Socialist run for the D-Party nomination and ALMOST get hi8s party’s vote.

The American Left is increasingly Marxist.
There was a time where you could be pro-life and still be in their party. There was a time where you could be capitalist and in their party, There was a time when you could be in their party without having to adopt some ridiculous mantle of class warfare protagonist…and still be in their party.

But the party has changed – and the model is Marx.

Know this — the changes will continue and that party will become increasingly confrontational — increasingly Marxist with no room for diverging views (but they’ll still tell you ALL ABOUT SOME DIVERSITY won’t they???)

And with that – we’ll limit the scope of this article.

Hopefully this was food for thought the next time you hear a Leftist spewing their filthy vitriol against a Thomas Jefferson or someone similar. Ask them about their Founding Fathers and whether or not they enslaved anyone…..

The next time they tell you about the evils of Capitalism – ask them about what type of system they’re advocating….and whether or not that system ever abused its power and/or trust with “the people”.

Jeez – since it’s obvious that mankind has abused power all over the world – why WOULDN’T a logical person advocate a Constitutional Republic as a means to enact limiting powers, checks and balances? Why would anyone want to scrap that in favor of a system that ultimately puts ALL the power in just the hands of a few???

(Maybe they’re expecting to be one of “the few”, eh?)

OR I will start to list the (sometimes obvious) numerous contradictions that our Marxist buddies would rather you not notice.

In the end the intent is to give you some type of sense of where this stuff comes from – where it may be headed — and also provide some tools and ideas for challenging those on the Left that may still be redeemable.








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