What I Believe & How That’s Diversity

By now most everyone is familiar with not only the concept of “political correctness” but also the general assertions and restrictions that “philosophy” (for lack of a better term) places on groups and individuals.

By now I would also suggest that many Americans realize that the concept of “political correctness” is applied to various groups and individuals differently.

As the year progresses this Blog will address the political aspects of this type of thinking and make historical comparisons to similar movements.

At present, I am merely interested in the assertion that the American “left” (more on that concept later as well – we need a new name for them!) loves repeating, and that’s the idea that “diversity” is always a good thing.

In many cases I agree even though the term “diversity” absolutely should be clearly defined, not only in the general sense, but also in each application where socio-political (/economic) interpolations are made.

For now I am going to state that “diversity” is a word that simply means ALL THE WAYS IN WHICH HUMAN BEINGS ARE DIFFERENT.

ALL the ways in which were different, mind you. The good, bad, ugly as well as the criminally insane.

Once we start from this logical point you can readily see how “diversity” is simply an adjective and it, in and of itself, neither good nor bad.

For example, let’s say I own a newspaper (a dangerously outdated concept to begin with!) and it is widely circulated in a major U.S. city. I plan to assemble a team of 3 staff writers who will cover various topics – but also express their political opinion on local, state and national matters. In order to achieve meaningful “diversity” with this group I believe ideological diversity should be prioritized above all other types of differences.

It is not important whether or not the 3 people look the same or different.

It is not important whether or not there’s a certain split with the sex of the 3 staff writers

What IS important is that they think differently and are intelligent, capable writers. Ideally I’d like to pursue someone who’s a little (or a lot depending on how controversial I’d like to be) left of center, another who’s a bit right and the third should either be someone who’s a-political and developing before our very eyes or perhaps simply a centrist.

This would not only be a radical idea to many leftists – it would be a threat. Some would even suggest that there are deep psychological problems with my NOT selecting 1) an African-American 2) A Hispanic/Latino and 3) Anything but a heterosexual white male.

Perhaps even more sad are the logical thinking people (from all across the political spectrum!) who would not push back against this obviously poor method of choosing our writers.

The left would look at the aforementioned hypothetical choices and confirm that “diversity” has been served – because the three individuals LOOK different. However, chances are – if someone from the politically motivated left chose these 3 writers – you can almost guarantee that they will all 3 think very similar about most major issues. They would, in fact, utterly FAIL to achieve ideological diversity.

But of course that’s one of the ways the Left likes to stack the deck and then demonize anyone who challenges them — but we’ll get to those topics later in the blog as well.

Ultimately, my point with this first article is to state emphatically that:

  1. We MUST change our way of thinking about concepts like “diversity” and see how the complexity lends itself to different types of choices at varying times
  2. We MUST stop using the words that are provided to us by the Left without critically examining what they mean and whether or not they are logical.
  3. NEVER FORGET that “he who defines the terms….wins the debate

Finally, I intend to assert emphatically and with good candor that I am:

  1. Politically conservative on most topics by most contemporary definitions
  2. I despise Marxism and truly believe (and intend to prove) that it is historically as heinous as Nazism.
  3. I know better than to believe that “Black Lives Matter” speak for all Black people, and I DO know that they are being used by the Left and will ultimately be discarded.
  4. I am CERTAIN that it’s not at all racist to want to see our borders protected and the various types of risks  that come from open borders – nullified as much as possible.
  5. Fed up with the tired system of threats, name calling, bullying and intimidation that the left has increasingly adopted.

None of these things are wrong to think, America — it’s OK and YOU’RE NOT ALONE in thinking such rebellios thoughts…..it is, in fact, HEALTHY to start a systematic, logical and earnest “push back” against the American Left.

And EACH AND EVERY ONE of those concepts / assertions are part of MY contribution to “diversity”.

Hey look — a big blue, bird ->Bluejay.jpg


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