Quick Hits – An Untimely Coincidence


Aside from the occasional stream of consciousness typing (rambling?) that goes on here – I will also make assumptions.

It’s just something I do — so I should quickly mention that I expect you to be somewhat interested in politics, history and doing your own research / reading to a certain extent…..it’s not that I am afraid or unable to show my source material for assertions / conclusions made on this forum. I can do that – and still plan a limited type of Bibliography for the site – but I decided early on that it was more important to outline the intent & limits) of this medium and start getting thoughts down on cyber-paper……limits procrastination and all that ….


Has anyone else noticed the unfortunate coincidence of the following events?

a) Democrat party + US President + USA CIA AND FBI (et al) make accusations about the Russians influencing / hacking and thus – steering – our 2016 election results

b) President Barry Sotero Barrack Hussein Obama makes public statements to the effect of ‘getting even’ or ‘getting back’ or ‘responding in kind’ to the Russians (you can find the exact quotes I presume)

c) Islamic Fundamentalist shoots the Russian ambassador to Turkey dead in front of the entire world

I mean…..there’s no WAY that our President and all his Marxist buddies / handlers would ever think of getting CIA/MOSSAD/WHOEVER to do something like that, right?

I’m certainly not saying that’s what happened — but if I were Prez O I’d be on the phone with Vlad early after that event and CLARIFYING that you were regretful AND HAD NOTHING TO DO WIH IT….

It’s kind of like having a wild eyed neighbor that threatens to “GET BACK AT YOU” for all the  MEDDLIN’ you’ve been doin’

And then your barn burns down a week later…..

If I were the wild eyed guy and was innocent – I’d be working overtime to make it clear

I’m just sayin……………


Hey Look! It’s an Archduke!!!!!!!!


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