Blog Release Date – And More on the Use of Names….


The goal was to pre-load this blog with articles that are in various stages of completion, get “enough” material on hand, and then modestly announce a ‘release date’ to a handful of family, friends and acquaintances.

The goal was to get everything ready “before Christmas” – that’s still on track

Despite a mysteriously shattered laptop (was my primary tool for this site – that and Possum’s skills) I think I can sneak onto “Republic #2” and keep the progress moving towards my initial goals

Thinking about starting a “Snuff Communism Locally …and contribute to a new laptop” fund JUST for this purpose….

More on the Use of Names

Ref: Recent  quick hit on “Alt Right” – why are they so quick with these names?

The names are ultimately meant to be categories of course

And just as Marxists create “Vanguard Political Groups” to infuse political consciousness to their Revolutionary allies — they also create (for lack of a better term) Untermensch type categories for those they promote as “Unclean” in some way

The Alt Right is their new  social pariah / political leper.

And it’s all for control — He who controls the definition of the terms — WINS THE DEBATE

Why do they want to win the debate?

In order to strengthen their control over perceptions and ultimately – the thoughts and actions of others

To what end?

The one thing they TRULY CARE ABOUT —

Kapital and the Means of Production

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