Quick Hits – 2 Books I Recommend (Great Historical and Sociological Angles)


In order to continue to be true to one part of the purpose of this blog – I’m going to talk books / sources and intel.

If you have a good used book store near where you live — BE THANKFUL – I now live in a place where we just don’t have those options (not even a big retail type book store here)

The two books I’m going to recommend are best found in a used book store or – of course – online. I doubt they’re carried by any of the major chains anymore.

The first is called “The Functions of Social Conflict” by Lewis Coser and it’s the newer of two – written in 1956.

This book talks about how conflict is sometimes a good thing and also how some people don’t actually WANT the conflict to end……haha – sound familiar?

Here are a couple of interesting excerpts:

“Peace is nothing more than a change in the form of conflict, or in the antagonists, or in the objects of the conflict…”

  • I read this and am reminded of how the Communists in the USSR used to repeatedly that they ultimately wanted PEACE….and their definition of Peace?  A world absent any resistance to COMMUNISM……haha — ask the rioters sometime how THEY define Peace…..some forms of Islam so the EXACT same thing…..Peace is “A world that’s been converted to Islam” essentially (not ALL – some Islamists)

“Terminology often provides a clue to orientation…”

  • Here you see echoes of Orwell in my opinion – the same frame of mind anyway — GET TO KNOW HOW PEOPLE DEFINE THINGS – make them be specific …. words frame reality and will eventually guide your thinking.

The second book is called “Background of Conflict” and it was written in 1945, right after WW2.

There’s a very good dissect of Italian and German fascism in here and a lot of good background on Marxist ideology that led to the murderous regimes of Lenin and Stalin — however the author REALLY sugar coats the Communists relative to the Fascists in my opinion — but that doesn’t prevent the book from being a great source of information.


There’s too wide a range of info to pull quotes here – it even delves into Japanese Imperialism and the backgrounds of American democracy……great resource / great book

Plus mine has that wonderful “old book smell”

Look for these two books if you have the inclination to continue your education in that particular direction – and have a fantastic tomorrow!

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