Quick Hits: How Twisted Things Can Sometimes Get

1/14/17 (about time for a political reset)

It’s amazing to me how quickly the conflict dependent Marxists within the D-Party can get offended.

And don’t they just LOVE calling (or even just insinuating) their foes racists?

I mean – they have had to INVENT forms of  racism to keep that trick going….

And they don’t JUST get offended – hell, they’ve made it into a scientific-artform……they have movie stars and singers at their beck and call …. NPR may even whisper at you in a very disapproving tone as well…

With this most recent episode of self-righteous grandstanding they’re beside themselves with horror and fury because Trump tweeted that Congressman John Lewis is “all talk” and needs to focus on his constituents.

CNN Link – Smell the Outrage

I mean – it’s not like he was selling aborted baby parts for a profit and laughing about it….but I can see how it was an AWFULLY  Non-Consensus Building Type Thing To Say…..it was also:

a) Hilarious – the Left uses the media ALL THE DAMN TIME to stereotype, marginalize, suppress or even assassinate the character of whom they will. They’ve been consciously using Words as Weapons for at least 30-40 years…..


b) True –his constituents are his primary charge – his primary obligation. And, quite frankly, I don’t see where the D-Party has done much of anything to improve the standing of those they claim to represent.

But the good thing is …. since Mr Lewis is such a stand up guy and all- I’m sure he’ll have some data ready to show us how his voters are enjoying more freedom, a higher rate of income and better opportunities for employment, less dependence on the government, higher graduation rates. lower prevalence of morbidity and mortality, decreases in diabetes – or any other chronic disease – lower incidents of incarceration, higher counts of husbands and wives staying together to raise their children, better schools…….anything?


Show us what you’ve been doing to help your voters, Mr Lewis — that would quickly shut Mr Trump up and score political points for you

But……Mr Lewis opted instead to openly question the legitimacy of Trump’s election……he believes (I don’t see his Proof but HEY — he’s freakin John Lewis — why would a snake in the grass Marxist need to start worrying about proof to back up their propaganda now???)

Maybe his interns are putting something together right now……

Then something happened after I thought about this for a while……..I turned it over in my mind little more and then….. I became a bit disturbed by the obvious LACK OF IDEAS within the D-Party. It truly seems that their political strategy more or less centers on using politically and emotionally charged words in an attempt to smear the character of their foes.

Haven’t we had enough of this by now? Seriously? But wait,,that call to challenge and push back isn’t quite ready yet.

So let me sum up my disgust with these hypocritical cowards within the Democrat organization.

They managed to muster up nicely organized and well coordinated moral outrage because Trump challenged (not Attacked – that’s what the Marxists are doing to YOU and our system of Government) a long standing public off icicle……

But we couldn’t quite get them to rise to the occasion and sound nearly as bothered when the VA released a report stating that by the year 2014 — TWENTY TWO Military Veterans were committing suicide A DAY……….and this report comes on the heels of the VA scandal where numerous instances of delays to health care access were documented.

Here’s z link to the VA report on that 22/Souls Per Day citation (most of them under 30 years old by the way)

VA Report – Not Nearly As Outrageous I Guess

If you want to be outraged by something — go back and read bits that report with a fresh look at everything that was uncovered in the VA system during that timeframe.

Or – go back and watch the Planned Parenthood videos where they doubled down on their belief that selling aborted baby parts for profit wasn’t a bad thing…..one of them even notes that she has a special technique to crush the baby body without harming those lucrative piece/parts…..

The Supreme Irony of all this is that some people are actually now likely to go back and look at what Trump said because the Democrats and their media operatives have made such a big deal out of it….people might even take a notion to writing a letter to Mr Lewis while they’re at it …..he’s just one more Fed-Govt-Rep that needs to be reminded who they work for after all.

This week is going to be a circus, friends.

In adjuration is Friday and the Left has their radicals ready to disrupt the peaceful transition of Democratic power.

You see -if you watch them closely enough you’ll start to notice that so many on the Left are often SO GUILTY of what they accuse others of being.

But that’s another emphasis point for another day.

Hopefully the court jesters in Hollywood and he media-readers can make it through the week without extra SSRI’s in their coffee.




PS: This guy knew all about double speak and how an entrenched, increasingly centralized government wills nearly anything (and eventually DO just about anything) to remain in power.






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